Enjoy Collecting Small Pieces of History

A forgotten piece of history is still collectible. The watch fob played an important part in history and for the younger generation, they are just a funny looking plastic round circle. Men carried a gold pocket watch in a small pocket in either their vest or waistcoat. A chain or leather strap was attached to the watch and a fob added to hang outside of the pocket. The man could simply pull the watch out by pulling on the fob.
While back in Europe, fobs were popular in the 1700’s but they did not really catch on in America until the early 1900’s. Advertisers saw that men checked their watch several times a day, so that little fob was a perfect place for an advertisement. Let’s not forget since it was on the outside of the pocket, they could also serve to advertise to anyone you met. 

Today, they are a little piece of the past advertising and is a great small collectible for anyone.  It can be found at any price range. Price will depend on the fob material and advertiser. Coca-Cola is one of the more expensive fobs with a 1930’s Texaco Scottie Dog being the cheapest. Check out watch fobs on icollect247.


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