Warm up your home with vintage!

When you get home from work don’t you just want to put on an old worn T-shirt?  It is comfortable to you and has that warm feel doesn’t it?  So you have put on a great old comfortable T-shirt and look around at your “Big Box” store accessories…do they make you feel as comfortable as that old T-shirt and worn jeans?  Probably not!  So why not think about making your home more comfortable after a hard days work!

Have a pile of old newspapers which need to be recycled?  Find an old wooden box with some printing on the side to hold them.  How about that pile of old magazines you don’t want to throw away?  Just find one of the old Coca-Cola 24 bottle crates, roll up the magazines and you have a 24 hole magazine holder. Don’t forget there were also carton holders that can be used on the wall to hold collectibles.




oval frameOld picture frames can tell a story, also.  Send those cell phone pictures to your email, then print in black and white. Add those old frames or use an old window frame – wow that is a look!

Have a room where you enjoy music, use old sheet musicmusic and just tack on the walls.

Have a shelf in your bathroom that you are looking to add some unique pieces to?  How about old full rolls of toilet paper, old talc tins, or old soap bar boxes. In your laundry room, put old detergent boxes or old laundry signs.  Any of these add warmth and memories for folks who may visit your home.

Collecting can be fun.  Give your home the warmth of an old T-shirt and pair of jeans. Check out lots of great things to decorate your home with on http://www.icollect247.com

Vintage pieces found on icollect247.om

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