Feb. 8th – Boy Scout Day

Yes, the Boy Scouts were founded on February 8th, 1910 and became the fastest growing organization in the United States. The history of the Boy Scouts is a long and great. From 1950 to 1960 the membership rose from 2.8 million scouts to 5.2 million scouts. The 1960s was the peak period of the growth of membership as the baby boomers joined packs and troops across the country. From leadership to outdoor skills, boys the learned many basics of becoming a man. From cloth badges and to skill awards. These were proudly worn at parades and at weekly meetings.

The history of the Boy Scouts is quite interesting and collecting things from the past can be fun. From Boy Scout knives to patches you will find a wide selection of collectibles. Here are some great pieces which have been offered for sale on http://www.icollect247.com.

10K GF Gold Filled Boy Scouts Den Mother Training Award.

First Day Cover 1950. Valley Forge, PA. Boy Scouts of USA

1930s Coca Cola Boy Scout Style Camping Pocket Knife

1940’s Coca Cola Boy Scouts

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