Popcorn Christmas Tree Garland


One Christmas when I had nothing better to do, I called in my brother and nephews and said, help me string popcorn for the tree.  I was much younger and wanted to revisit a time in history.  Well, if you never have tried it, my suggestion would be, to do it once in a lifetime.  The new idea of tradition quickly faded when everyone left and there was popcorn on the floor and only part of the tree was done.  However, it did smell good around the house for a day or so.

The history of popcorn is extremely interesting.  9926-a

Popcorn is a very specific variety of corn that will explode when subject to high heat.  We know that in the 19th century there were metal popcorn poppers that were held over an open fire that became just part of the hearth.  About 1938 popcorn was offered in movie theaters and has now become part of the American tradition.

Today, many folks look for old popcorn tins.  Some people want full cans others are looking just for graphics.  Perhaps they are looking for brands they remember or kind they ate.  In either case, they can look good on a shelf in a kitchen, den or country store.  Here are a few popcorn tins for sale on icollect247.com.  Check them out on http://www.icollect247.com.  The only All Vintage Online Marketplace.